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Welcome to EJTECH
EJtech provides top-level engineering services using the most advanced IT and robot Technology
for soft-ground monitoring, structural behavior monitoring of subway, bridge, tunnel, harbor, and dam construction sites.
We also provide civil engineering services such as safety diagnosis, ground investigation for T/K design, geotomography
measurement automation, network systems installation, analysis program development and robot safety monitoring.
EJtech's mission is ambitious.
Whatever the difficulties are, we aim to become a pioneering group which our customers can trust unconditionally.
We will constantly strive to provide better services with the development of new technologies.
Thank You
Chairman & C.E.O : Nam, Soon-Sung
Professional Engineer in Soil & Foundation, Ph.D. in Civil Engineering
Member of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea,
Member of Korean Tunnel Engineering Society, Member of Korean Society of Hazard Mitigation,
Member of Korean Geotechnical Environment Society, Manager at R&D Center of Daelim Industrial Co.,Ltd, Executive at Soil & Foundation Department of Dongsung Engineering, Founder of EJtech, Lecturer at Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Adjunct Professor at Hanyang University, Lecturer at Seoul National University, Lecturer at Industrial University, Technical Review Committee Member of Ministry of Construction and Transportation, Seoul City Construction Technology Deliberation Committee, New Technology Review Committee member of R&D Center of Korea Construction Technology, Northern Gyeonggi-do, Seocho-gu Technical Advisor, Council member of new airport construction, Reviewer of Fire and Disaster Prevention Agency, Technical Review Committee of LH, Korean Geotechnical Society, Committee Member of Mapo-gu Office, Design Advisory Committee Member of Seongnam City Hall, Committee member Korea Water ,Committee Member of Korean Society of Civil Engineers, Chairman of Technology of Korean Soil & Foundation Technical Society, Council member of new airport construction, Member of Marina Beach Subcommittee, Chairman of Korean Soil & Foundation Technical Society, Vice-chairman of Korean Geotechnical Society, Vice-chairman of Korean Society of Civil Engineers
President : Kim, Wan-Jong
Instrumentation & Monitoring Department
Ph. D. of Civil Engineering
Civil Engineer, Fire Fighting Equipment Engineer, Construction Safety Engineer
Daelim Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Dongsung Engineering Co., Ltd
Hanyang University Civil Engineering
President : Sa, Sang-Ho
Geotechnical Engineering Service Department
Professional Engineer in Soil & Foundation, Master of Civil Engineering(KAIST)
Director of Korean Tunnelling & Underground Space Association
Member of Korean Geotechnical Society
Member of Korean Society of Civil Engineers
Pyeongwon Engineering Co.,Ltd
Daewoo E&C
Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Yonsei University