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GNSS-Based Bridge Monitoring System

GNSS is a satellite navigation system that uses satellites to calculate the location, altitude, and speed of moving objects throughout the globe.
By installing GNSS on the bridge, it is possible to precisely analyze the real-time motion of the bridge up to ± 10mm by three-dimensional displacement measurement.
Data filtering, natural frequency extraction, damping ratio extraction and FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) In addition, it overcomes the limitation of the existing sensor against the weather.
and it secures the stability of the bridge by analyzing dynamic characteristics and managing geometry of the bridge through stable absolute displacement measurement

Geometry Control Program Screen Display
Improved Economy
By replacing existing bridge monitoring system with GNSS, it is possible to reduce the construction cost of the monitoring system by about 40% (Economic Analysis of the Korea Business Institute, Oct. 2013).
Test application (test bed construction) - Gwangan bridge, Namhan river bridge, Daejong river bridge.
GNSS-Based Bridge Monitoring System Applied Project

Established Vam Cong Bridge monitoring system in Vietnam
Location: Hao River crossing structure in Vam Cong region, south of Vietnam
Type: Cable Stayed Bridge (210 + 450 + 210 = 870m)
Client : Cuu Long CIPM under the Ministry of Transport (MOT) Construction of 2nd Penang Bridge Bridges and Structures Measurement System in Malaysia

Construction of Structural Health Monitoring System for the Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge(2nd Penang Bridge) in Malaysia
Location: Batu Maung, Penang Island and Batu Khan, Mainland, Malaysia
Type of structure: Cable-stayed bridge (main bridge 240m), connecting bridge (15,895m)
Client : Jambatan Kedua Sdn Bhd (JKSB)
Technology Excellence
High precision: accuracy of 0.001mm / 1,000mm (1 microstrain)
High durability: The device is made of vitreous material and has no corrosion - Capable of precise measurement thorughout the life cycle of the structure with one installation
Electromagnetic field: Measuring method is by changing wavelength of light, thus the effect is negligible.
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Integrated GNSS-based bridge monitoring method including dynamic characteristics analysis(Patent No. 10-1367167)
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