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User-oriented Scalable

User-oriented Scalable Structural Health Monitoring System

It is Web-based S/W and mobile-based S/W scalable structural health monitoring system that bridge manager can modify and manage bridge monitoring system.
Equipped with a function to automatically generate measurement data when replacing and adding different types of sensors and data collecting devices,
more than 10 types of sensors and more than 5 types of data loggers were applied.
In addition, it is easy to install the system by just adding additional database and simple configuration changes by a bridge manager.

Applied Sensors and Loggers
Items Existing Structural Health Monitorig System Scalable Structural Health Monitoring System
Development Period Sensor and logger addition requires source program modification which requires more than 1 week Sensor and logger can be added with addition function
Simple click to apply
Cost for Maintenance Sensor and logger addition causes program development cost Minimized additional development cost
Data Acquisition Data loss occurs during program development Minimized data loss
Web-based GUI(Graphic User Interface) Environment
Bridge manager can modify and maintain the monitoring system Web-based S/W and Mobile-based H/W Developed, and S/W are registered
Open inquiry system that is not limited by the equipment and network type : access to the bridge monitoring system is flexible
Portable Monitoring System
On-site control via mobile connection (can run on 3G/LTE/WiFi environment Data can be checked with Android based mobile devices
Web-based Bridge Monitoring Program (C-2015-001722), Mobile Network-based Portable Bridge Measurement Program (C-2015-001723)
Projects Applied
Vam Cong Bridge, Viet Nam, Sultan Abdul Halim Muadzam Shah Bridge(2nd Penang Bridge), Malaysia
Related Patents
User-oriented scalable monitoring system(C-2014-025145)
Web-based Bridge Monitoring Program(C-2015-001722)
Mobile Network-based Portable Bridge Measurement Program(C-2015-001723)