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Construction robot (Automated System for Bridge Inspection)

Robot construction has recently been introduced to Korea. Until now emphasis here has been on robots for industry.
Japan has been using robots for construction in inaccessible and dangerous locations
We at EJtech in Korea are fast catching up by introducing the first robot to monitor lower-bridge areas.
We plan to adapt this cutting-edge technology to monitoring tunnels, utility-pipe conduits, drainage systems, and LNG tanks.

Automated System for Bridge inspection
Trial Product(The 1st)
Trial Product(The 2nd)
Seosomun road test bed
Automatic remote measuring system for civil engineering (1999.10.13)
Abnormal check device inside sensing device (2001.09.17)
Defect-inspection method & device of bridge using vision system (2002.10.21)
Vibrating wire shocrete strain gauge with sensor protection box (2003.01.06)
Pin for measurement of the distance between opposite walls in tunnel & pin installation method (2005.03.11)
Sack for civil and house works & making method (2005.07.21)
Lower Side of Bridge Failure-Inspection Device (2007.02.20)
PHC Pile Bole Joint Shoe (2007.02,21)
Certificate of Utility Model Registration
Vibrating Wire Shotcrete Stressmeter with Sensor Protect Box (2001.03.15)
Tunnel Displacement Measurement Pin (2002.02.22)
Civil Construction and Household Sacks and Its Manufacturing Method (2002.04.17)
Folding-type anchor device for tunnel measurement (2004.12.28)
Sensor-direction regulator of inclinometer (2005.08.01)(2005.08.01)
Vibration-prevention device of inclinometer (2005.09.26)

Ground measurement
Eun Jin Geo-Plus : 97-01-12-0881 (1997.03.10)

Structural measurement
CIMS-Data Monitoring 1.0 : 99-01-25-0893 (1999.03.10)
CIMS-Data Acquisition 1.0 : 99-01-25-0894 (1999.03.10)
Combined measurement monitoring program for bridge : 2004-01-129-002797 (2004.06.14.)