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The conventional instruments are highly vulnerable to corrosion and moisture so that these may not be suitable for long-term use.
Also one of our FBG sensors has been designated to New Excellent Technology No.575 by Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs of South Korea.

Types of Fiber Optic Sensor
Fiber Displacement Joint Sensor(New Excellent Technology No. 575))
FBG Piezometer(F-PWP)
FBG Jointmeter(F-JDS)
FBG Displacement Sensor(F-SGM-TW)
FBG Shotcrete Stressmeter(F-ESS-2A)
FBG Inclinometer(F-PT-2A)
FBG Crackgauge(F-CMS)
FBG Uplift Movement Displacement Sensor(F-UMDS)
Site Application
Youngdong Line(Dongbaeksan-Dogye) Rail Construction Solahn Tunnel Monitoring, Highway 20 Iksan-Jangsu Construction Station 10 Jangsu Tunnel
Daegu Subway Line 1 Hyunchungro Station Instrumentation, Radioactive Waste Facility Instrumentation and Consulting
Ulsan-Busan Highway Station 9 Tunnel(Mugeo Tunnel) Instrumentation and Consulting, KTX Roadbed Construction Station 13-4 Wonhyo Tunnel Construction Instrumentation and Consulting
Seongnam-Janghowon Road Construction Station 2 Baekma Tunnel Instrumentation and Consulting, Daegu Subway Line 1 Bumeoh Station Instrumentation and Consulting
Four River Restoration Project(Hangang Station 4 & 6, Geumgang Station 6, Nakdongang Station 23&30), Bohyunsan Dam Instrumentation and Consulting

Underground Facility Instrumentation and Consulting, High Voltage used Railroad Instrumentation and Consulting
Highly Sensitive Facility (Nuclear Power Plant, Radioactive Waste Facility) Long-term Instrumentation and Consulting, Highway Tunnel Long-term Instrumentation and Consulting
Pier, Dam and Reservoir Instrumentation and Consulting