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MA-GPS (Muiti Antenna Gps)

A Multi-Antenna GPS(MAGPS) is one of new instrumentations that are popularly used in field.
With using satellite signals, a single GPS receiver links multiple antennas mounted at the monitoring points.
In contrast to a conventional GPS, the MAGPS is much more stable, economical and simple to control.
MAGPS is highly demanded to monitor the behavior of bridge and dam, slope stability, ground settlement, adn lateral displacement of pier.

Characteristics of MA-GPS
1) Economical
2) Minimizing the failure of instruments during construction
3) Real-time data analysis through a monitoring system
4) Warning system and SMS when an abnormal data occurs
5) Highly accurate and Easy to operate
Main Devices
GPS Antenna
DG14 Receiver
GPRS Modem
MA-GPS at slope(example)
Slope Instrumentation System
MAGPS Monitoring System
Site Application
1) Highway Slope Monitoring System(Donghae Highway, Jungbu Line 26.8K(Goseong) Slope
2) Kangwon Land Hione Resort Expansion Construction